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                Products Center

                Magnesium Carbonate

                Character: In normal temperature, it’s with three hydrates. Light one is white, easily fragile or loose white powder. Odorless.

                Relative density is 2.2. Melting point is 350℃. It’s stable in the air. When heated to 700℃, it will become magnesium oxide.

                It’s hardly soluble in water, but it’ll bring a slight alkaline reaction.

                It can not be soluble in ethanol but it could be soluble in olefine acid with sparkling.

                Molecular Formula : xMgCO3·yMg(OH)2·zH2O      4MgCO3·Mg(OH)2·4H2O
                CAS NO: 39409-82-0

                Appearance : This product is a white granular powder, odourless, almost tasteless.

                Specification :

                Item Standard
                High-Class First-Class
                MgO W/% 40.0~43.5
                CaO W%/ ≤ 0.20 0.70
                HCl insoluble substances W% /≤ 0.10 0.15
                Water Content W/%≤ 2.0 3.0
                L.O.I W/% 54-58
                Chloride W/%≤ 0.10
                Fe W/% ≤ 0.01 0.02
                Mn W/% ≤ 0.004 0.004
                Sulphate W/%≤ 0.10 0.15
                Particle size 0.15mmW/%≤ 0.025 0.03
                0.075mmW/%≤ 1.0
                Bulk Density(g/ml)≤ 0.12 0.140

                Application :

                1, Serves as the medicine intermediate, the absorbent, the drying agent, the color fixative, the carrier, the anti knot quick medicinal preparation;
                2, Makes the chemical additive, the magnesium element compensation medicinal preparation in food;

                Uses in the fine chemical industry producing the chemical reagent;

                3, Makes the strengthening agent, the auxiliaries in the rubber;
                4, May make the heat insulation, the thermostable fire
                protection thermal insulation material;

                In electric wire electric cable process of manufacture important chemistry raw material.

                5, Makes the high-quality glass products;
                6, The enamel ceramics play the superficial luminous role;
                7, Manufacture magnesium salt, pigment, paint, everyday use cosmetics, shipbuilding, boiler manufacture.
                8, And the athlete competes scratches the hand to use.

                Packing: Packed in 25kg plastic woven bag, 25kg kraft-paper bag, or as per the buyer's requirement.

                Storage: store in dry, airproof and low temperature condition, and avoid light.

                International Trade:
                Contact person : Ms.Dora , Ms Cherry
                Tel : 0086-536-8256719, 13356706380
                Fax : 0086-536-8256716
                Moible: 0086-13806499031,, 15065607933
                QQ: Dora: 3001383736, Cherry: 3001399245
                E-mail: dora@jiaozichem.com, cherry@jiaozichem.com
                Website : www.thinkanapp.com , www.jiaozichem.com?
                Add:Room 1101&1103,Building D,Zhongtu Mansion,No.6565 East Fushou Street,Weifang City,Shandong,China



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